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Trenchless And Traditional Plumbing Repair Explained


Repairing is the biggest responsibility of the house owner in case of any tear and wears in on the plumbing system. As, if left unrepaired for a long time, it may lead to major critical issues and may then require more effort and repairing cost. To repair any damage in sewer pipes, there are two options available: Trenchless plumbing repair and traditional plumbing repair. So, find below the facts related to both the approaches in order to choose one according to suitability.

Traditional vs Trenchless Plumbing Repair

1.    Traditional plumbing repair is the standard approach of repairing sewer pipes, whereas trenchless plumbing repair is the technological and trendy approach to repairing.

2.    The traditional plumbing repair was a disruptive, messy, and time-consuming process. The entire process consists of carrying heavy instruments, digging, installing a new object by removing the old one, etc. It takes days of time to complete the repairing process in traditional plumbing repair. Whereas, trenchless plumbing repair is a more effortless process that asks for little to no excavation. Moreover, the process consumes very little time and can be accomplished within even a few minutes or a few hours.

3.    Trenchless sewer repair is a more convenient and environment-friendly option as compared to traditional ones. Trenchless plumbing does very little or no harm to the environment.

4.    Trenchless repair method asks for little to no excavation and as a result the owner is hardly required to invest in the messy property after the process. Whereas in the traditional approach the house owners were required to clean up the big mess caused by digging.

5.    Trenchless plumbing repair is the affordable option as compared to traditional one, as it requires less manpower as well as time. Adding to this, the traditional approach of plumbing repair is costly and comes with a limited lifespan. Whereas the modern trenchless approach provides the most cost-effective and long-lasting solutions. In the traditional approach, sometimes the house owner needed to invest more in fixing the damages caused by the plumbing repair process.

6.    In the trenchless approach, there is hardly any need of digging a hole or trench by the plumbing staff. Thus, it is a safe approach and doesn’t cause any damage or demolition to buildings, hardscaping, landscaping, etc. Whereas when it comes to repairing using the traditional approach, there were many possibilities of damage to the property, and the owners were required to invest more to repair the damaged property too.

7.    In trenchless plumbing repair, there is very little damage around the access holes as compared to the traditional approach. Moreover, it also depends on the plumbing crew and their ability.

8.    There are more labor and installation processes and costs in the traditional approach when it is compared with the trenchless one.

9.    There is a requirement of trained technicians in the trenchless plumbing repair approach. As if a normal plumber without having adequate skills will deal with the trenchless pipe lining or replacement, it may lead to more severe issues.

10.  The trenchless sewer repair approach is not suitable for all circumstances. If it is a cause related to a pipe that bursts and causes damage to the surrounding utilities, an incorrectly installed pipe, or a collapsed pipe, a trenchless repair approach may not be effective. Whereas, there is a range of situations where trenchless technology may work fine. Some of the issues which can be resolved using this are; calcification of sewer lines, root intrusion, aging sewer lines, and much more.


Both the trenchless and traditional plumbing repairs are suitable depending on the circumstances and needs of the house owner. There are some cons and pros related to both approaches. But as the world is moving towards technology and people are having more timing issues, they mostly opt for trenchless plumbing repair methods.

Choose any approach according to the suitability and search for a reputed plumbing repair company to get the work done in the best possible way.