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Things You Should Know About The Tick Bites

Unfortunately, you will find ticks in Texas. While many tick species are harmless, others can be dangerous. They can transmit diseases such ...
  • Discover The Most Popular Diving Place at Likupang Beach Likupang has millions of natural charms that will attract you to visit it. The discovery of the sea turtle or Chelonia mydas in Likupang is also currently such major thing for local folks and WWF because this type of sea turtle is a rare one.  So, indirectly, this tourist ...
  • Bunaken National Park, The Wonderful Underwater Enchantment

    Bunaken National Park, The Wonderful Underwater Enchantment Before tourism increases as it is today, Indonesia has designated Bunaken as a protected National Park. For approximately 27 years, the beauty of this area’s marine life has been very well preserved where approximately 58 types of coral reefs and 90 species of ...
  • 3 Favorite Museum Tours in Solo

    Solo is a town in Central Java using its nickname for a city of culture. This town has got the official title Surakarta that’s broadly known by tourists. Its popularity as a town of culture is evidenced by many historical relics neatly preserved in the town’s museums. Solo City is ...