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Overview of IVG Disposable Bars

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Whether someone love them or hate them, IVG bars will stay. These bars are worth trying and are a good option for folks willing to quit traditional smoking. IVG offers a wide range of flavors to choose from. The new range of IVG bars has various new flavors. 

IVG bars have made using disposable vapes much easier for anyone new to using disposable vapes. These bars are ready to use and much convenient than smoking. The maximum nicotine concentration allowed in the IVG disposable bars is 20mg. Inside the IVG bars, ‘Nicotine Salt’ is added, which is a smoother method for giving nicotine and offers faster delivery when compared to the traditional method of taking ‘freebase’ nicotine.

Unpacking of IVG Bars

The packaging of the IVG bar box is colorful, and the bar’s flavor is mentioned on the box. Inside the box, there is a vape bar, which is fully sealed. The sealing keeps the bar fresh and maintains hygiene. A notch is available on the sealed wrapper, and from there, the wrapper can be easily torn.

After removing the wrapper, the person also has to remove the silicone bung present at the mouthpiece of the IVG bar. The mouthpiece of the IVG bars is really small. It can be disposed of or kept for replacement. The procedure of unpacking IVG bars can take few seconds before the person starts vaping.

How to Use IVG Bars?

After unpacking the IVG bars, the method to use is quite easy. The IVG bars do not have any buttons or controls. Instead, they have an in-built auto-draw. Hence the person has just to vape the bar like a cigarette. After inhaling the IVG into the mouth, its vapor would get delivered instantly, and then the person has to inhale the IVG bar like a cigarette. The person has to hold the vapors in the lungs for some seconds and then exhale.

Quality of IVG Bars

Talking about the quality of IVG bars, they are excellent and too good. Every IVG bar comprises 2ml e-liquid, and this is the highest amount allowed in the United Kingdom. These bars have an in-built battery of 500mAh. IVG claims that its disposable bars can give 600 puffs, which is equivalent to 30 cigarettes.

The person can know if the bar is running out by seeing the powder or e-liquid, and the bar gives a burnt taste when it is about to finish. The bitter taste indicates the disposal of the bar. The IVG bars have a small tiny LED at the base, and if it blinks red, it indicates a running battery. The person cannot see the red light while vaping, but the red light can be seen if the bar is spun round. The blue light indicates a working bar. There is no method of knowing when the battery will drain, so remain prepared, as it can run out anytime. Keep another IVG bar handy while vaping. The IVG bars are priced at £4.99 per bar.

Flavors Offered by IVG Bars

The IVG bars are available in sixteen different flavors. The color of the bar depends upon its flavor. The sixteen flavors of IVG bars are aloe grape, berry lemon, blue raspberry ice, butter cookie, classic menthol, cola ice, exotic mango, mango lychee, passion fruit, pineapple grapefruit ice, pink lemonade, polar mint, rainbow, ruby guava ice, strawberry watermelon, and vanilla custard tobacco flavor.