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How To Create An Effective Social Media Content Strategy for 2020


According to Vilfredo Pareto’s 80/20 rule, which applies in almost all areas of our lives: For your business to thrive and be successful, you should focus on the top 20% of activities that produce revenue for your business. This means the remaining 80% of business activities should be outsourced. Guess what constitutes the 20% of revenue-generating activities in a business? It’s social media content creation.

Just creating social media content however won’t ‘magically’ bring fans and revenue to your business. You need to come up with a strategy. Have you ever wondered why some businesses seem to thrive so much on social media, while others fall flat? It all comes down to two things: How interactive and entertaining your social media posts are.

Why do you need a strategy before creating content for social media?

Before you learn social media content strategy steps, it’s important to know why you need a strategy in the first place. A strategy helps save you time, since you’ll know what to do before starting content creation. A strategy will also help you understand why your content marketing social media works (or doesn’t work). It helps simplify your social media management efforts.

How to come up with a social media content marketing strategy that works

Audit/Analyze your current social media pages.

The first step towards a successful social media marketing content strategy is analyzing/auditing your current social media pages. Which channels are you currently on? Facebook, Twitter, famoid instagram? Which ones should you add or remove? Depending on your social media goals, you might want to ask yourself questions such as:

  • Do I post consistently on my current channels?
  • Am I getting results on my current channels?
  • Are my competitors succeeding on their social media channels?
  • Do I currently have the time to craft social media content or should I hire someone?

Write down your social media goals.

What do you want to achieve with social media? Is it brand awareness? Or do you want to increase your social media followers? Whichever the case, ensure you write down your goals. For example, if you want more subscribers and views on YouTube, write down how many you want.

Analyze how your competitors market themselves on social media.

If you want to be the best in your niche, you need to analyze how your competitors achieve their success. For example, if you sell consulting services, a simple search on Google or Facebook should yield a list of consultants in your niche. You can then analyze the techniques they use to engage with their online audiences.

Know who your target audience is and come up with a brand voice/tone.

Ensure you clearly define who you are targeting with your posts. Once this is done, figure out how you’ll speak to them. Here’s some articles onhow to define your target audience and how to build your brand voice/tone.

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