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New Year: New You


The idea that starting a new year is a chance to completely remake yourself is a pervasive one. In fact, the title of this article is a cliche and a misleading one. Trying to make too many sweeping changes too quickly, and the most likely outcome is that you’ll burnout from trying to maintain too many unfamiliar new habits and routines.

Real change comes gradually, with new habits becoming natural parts of your life over time. It’s important to reflect on what you really want to change, and then think about the steps you can take to reach that point. A new year’s resolution is the beginning of a journey that can last all year.

Today we’re taking a look at some of those small but important changes that can be the first step of a longer journey.

Staying Hydrated

Getting more proactive about your hydration is a small change that can boost your sense of wellbeing and effectiveness in all sorts of areas. Dehydration (and the attendant loss of electrolytes) can make it harder for you to concentrate and perform mentally, and can cause physical problems like muscle ache and cramp. Whatever the broader scope of your new year’s resolutions, keeping better hydrated will likely help.

Make sure you’re drinking throughout the day – not just at meal times. It’s worth bringing a water bottle with you to work to make sure you always have access to fresh water (or other healthy drinks). And if you’re exercising, unwell or the weather is very hot, you need to think about electrolytes as well. A rehydration product like ORS tablets will replenish your electrolytes and support all the other changes you’re trying to make this new year.

Getting Fit

Getting fitter and healthier is one of the most popular kinds of new year resolution, and one of the most prone to people trying too much too quickly. If you decide you’re going to go running every day you’ll be exhausted, likely injure yourself and have such a miserable time you’ll likely give up before February.

Think about the kind of fitness you want to achieve and the best sort of lifestyle changes that will help you to achieve that and the sorts of exercise that you enjoy and can do sustainably. Some people simply aren’t natural runners, but love swimming or weightlifting. Find out what works for you and build slowly, so your strength and stamina increase along with the intensity of the routine.

Saving Money

Financial goals are another popular candidate for the new year’s resolution, and an easy place to overstep and set unrealistic goals for yourself. The key here is to budget carefully, and allow for fun and entertainment as well the bare necessities. Work out what you need, and how much you can give to what you want while still hitting reasonable saving goals. If you try to cut out everything apart from the very basics you’ll likely push yourself too far and then break your resolution completely, rather building in some ‘fun’ spending from day one!