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Tips For Effective Communications Monitoring During Pandemic


The idea of working from home in this age of technology has been around even pre-pandemic. But with the coronavirus outbreak in 2020, companies changed their work set-up to follow health protocols and ensure the wellness of all employees, especially those that work in the financial industry.

Finance workers that work remotely usually use personal phones and computers, the reason why companies need to think of effective ways to focus on data protection and monitoring. Here are some tips:

Document which Communication Platforms the Employees are Using

Companies have the right to ensure quality work even when employees work remotely by determining their devices. They also have the liberty to suggest the right apps or devices use in compliance with the firm’s regulatory requirements

Increase Surveillance on Employee Communications

With the increased usage of online whiteboard tool, employees do the job of contacting clients. Call monitoring and SMS surveillance are the top company priorities with the current work set-up; that is why suggestions of checking electronic devices must happen weekly to decrease or prevent cybersecurity issues.

Use a Reliable Mobile Archiver

Investing in a reliable archiving app is a big help to company managers in the data gathering process. Take the TeleMEssage archiver as an example. It allows for the smoother response of monitoring employee-client communications because SMS, MMS, and voice calls are recorded—all in one place.

To know more of the ways to monitoring employee communications through this TeleMessage.