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5 Ways to Strategize an effective Amazon Seller Marketing Campaign


The responsibility of a 3P seller doesn’t end with creating an account on Amazon and adding the product listings followed by some whimsical decisions whether to upgrade to an FDA account or not and a few more.

Being an Amazon 3P seller or any ecommerce platform, focus on pulling more traffic for more effective conversions. If you like the majority of ecommerce business owners find it difficult to maintain the marketing as well as the business growth then start by hiring an Amazon marketing agency. You can also hire an independent consultant offering professional expertise for establishing your 3rd party seller business.

The premium marketing agencies have their separate team units performing Amazon SEO, Sponsored Ads designing or Amazon PPC, branding by elevating the product listings with effective Amazon product photography and highly informative product descriptions. They are also capable of designing the whole digital enterprise of yours by selecting the Amazon services like FDA etc. for the better business outcome.

Here are the 5 ways to strategize an effective Amazon Seller Marketing Campaign:

Amazon SEO

Amazon SEO is an effective way to improve traffic. The marketing professionals incorporate high-end SEO techniques with keyword research, content development, and strategic link building for motivating more traffic towards the product listings of the 3P sellers. So, with professional incorporation, driving in more traffic can be effectively done.

Amazon Account Management 

Marketing professionals focus on Amazon account management where they design the product listing by following the rules of Amazon. High-quality product descriptions educate more interested buyers and the presence of high-definition photography with professional product photo editing elevates the chances of higher conversions.

Amazon Pay-Per-Click

Pay-Per-click works faster than SEO. Though short-lived, PPC is practiced by online marketers with the aim of driving in more potential customers. Therefore, by investing in the Sponsored Ads by Amazon, which is also known as Amazon PPC, consultants boost the traffic drive 2-3x faster than SEO and social media marketing.

Being a 3P seller on Amazon, you can also delve into the PPC services with the hope of pulling the attention of interested shoppers on Amazon, in search of similar products like yours. Usually, the sponsored ads are found in the search list as well as the Look Inside section of the Books. If you’re selling books or eBooks on Amazon, always use the advertisings in the Look Inside section to increase the sales opportunities.

Amazon Product Photography 

Photography plays a significant role in drawing the attention of the shoppers. When the traffic is visiting your listings by clicking on the PPC ad, for instance, the presence of vivid photography helps immensely to convert. By applying the cutting-edge technology, such as 3d rendering for amazon, softbox photography, natural or artificial lighting, etc. the professional product photographers keep their bull’s eyes on creating the photography to the level that it never misses the conversion opportunities.


You can hire bloggers for promoting your business online. By strategically using the links through powerfully written lines, pulling more customers is possible.