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Proper Cosmetics Storage for Small Rooms


Having a small room is not an indicator that you do not have enough to spare for your beauty products. This doesn’t mean you can’t splurge on your skincare either. All you need to do is be smart when it comes to storage.

Don’t know how to store your makeup in a room that is too small for your own good? Here are some clever storage solutions just for you:

Stick them in the fridge

Well, not all of them, of course. When you buy cosmetics online, you’ll choose everything from lipsticks to sheet masks, from water-based to oil-based cleansers. Some of them do contain oils that could melt in warmer temperatures, which means you shouldn’t store them in an area that gets direct sunlight. Even better, you can store them in the coldest part of your home–the fridge. Your sheet masks will feel more luxurious when you pop them in the fridge and free up some counter space from your vanity. Some of your lipsticks may also last longer with this storage hack. Your oil-based cleansers can also last longer and feel more soothing after being out all day if it touches your skin after being kept in the fridge.

Stack them together

And by this we mean actually stack them together, minus the limiting acrylic containers often recommended for makeup storage. While those containers are handy when you’re organizing, they don’t always fit items snugly, leaving weird gaps of unused space that you can’t utilize. If you buy products that are magnetized and literally stick together, you can store them in a hanging shelf without fear of them tumbling down one after another. You can also get adjustable drawer spacers so that you can utilize every inch of drawer space wisely.

Keep them in the shower rack

You store your bathroom essentials in the same place. There’s your shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and body oil. Your water-based cleansers can also be stored here so that they don’t take up space in your vanity and they can be within reach when you’re washing your face for the night. Your messy skincare products, such as face masks and sheet masks, can also be stored in the bathroom. They can be in a drawer or cabinet if you don’t want to keep them in the shower, or they can also be hidden in a cupboard. As long as they are still within reach when you use them, that should be fine.

Remove extra packaging

Boxes have corners, and bigger bottles obviously take up bigger space. If you can remove a product from its original box, and you can transfer liquids to smaller bottles, you’re freeing up so much space from your vanity. You can then use this space for a container that will hold smaller pieces, making the surface more organized. Even with a small storage space, you can be wise in maximizing the surface area.

No matter how small your room is, there is plenty of space for you to do your skincare. You just have to be smart with where and how you store each item you buy.