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Preventing STDS: Handy Tips


Healthy sex life has multiple physical, mental & emotional health benefits. However, sexually transmitted diseases can mar the conjugal bliss of a couple. Same day STD testing Los Angeles allows you to find out if you are carrying any of the diseases.

What are STDs or STIs?

As the name signifies, sexually transmitted diseases or infections are transferred from one person to another during sexual interactions. They are generally bacteria or virus-driven and may not show many symptoms initially.

Types of STDs

There are multiple variants of sexually transmitted diseases, some of them can be found by same day STD testing Los Angeles. The more common ones are:


One of the deadliest forms of STDs is HIV. Human immunodeficiency virus can impact the immune system of the infected person, making him vulnerable to attacks from simple viruses.


This type of STD usually doesn’t have strong initial symptoms but can lead to infertility and other complications if not treated. Chlamydia can spread through anal, vaginal & even oral sex. An infected mother can transfer it to the baby during childbirth.

Pubic Lice (crabs)

Crabs or public lice can get attached to pubic hair during sexual contact. It can also spread to armpits, bread, eyelashes, etc. Usually, OTC medicines suffice in treating this mild form of STD.

Genital Herpes

It’s a common type of STD that impairs the skin, genitals & cervix of the victim. If there’s herpes in the mouth then it can spread with the saliva or during oral sex. Apart from blisters around the mouth, genital/anus area, fever, body pain, and inflamed lymph nodes are some symptoms of genital herpes.

Hepatitis B

Another serious type of STD, Hepatitis B can have a long-term effect on the liver if not treated on time. The virus can flow through the semen during sexual intercourse.


Trichomoniasis, commonly known as trich usually affects the women in the vaginal area. Men can develop an infection in the urethra. Trich can create further complications during pregnancy for both mother & child.

Human papillomavirus

This is a group of viruses that can spread in the mouth, cervix, anus & skin during sexual contact. The low-symptom virus can be spread during anal, vaginal, and oral sex as well as genital contact.

Molluscum contagiosum

This is a highly infectious virus that causes skin irritation. Though doctors consider molluscum contagiosum to be STI in adults, it’s not the same in the case of children.


Scabies can spread through any kind of skin contact, including personal items such as bed sheets, towels, etc.


It’s a bacterial infection that can lead to serious complications if not treated early. Headaches, muscle pain, hair loss, fever, tiredness, etc are some of its secondary symptoms.


It can spread through anal, vaginal & oral sex. Even touching the eye can lead to redness in the eyes.


This rare form of bacterial infection is only spread through sexual activities. The painful sores can increase the chances of HIV.

How can teenagers get STDs?

  • Multiple sexual partners
  • Unsafe sex
  • Sex with a person who has STD
  • Male homosexuality
  • Changing partners within 2 months

Prevention is always better than cure

While studies suggest that STDs may be on a downward trend in certain countries, same day testing & results can give you that peace of mind. Nevertheless, prevention still remains the best form of cure.

  • Sex education can go a long way in imbibing a sense of responsibility in children from an early age. Since teenagers are most vulnerable to STDs this awareness initiative can be taken up by schools & communities.
  • Use latex condoms during intercourse, particularly if you aren’t married or in a committed relationship.
  • Use water-based lubricants if you are using any.
  • Avoid sharing towels & undergarments.
  • Clean your private parts before (if the situation permits) and definitely after sex.
  • Get Hepatitis B vaccinations.
  • If you have engaged in unprotected sex, then get yourself tested for HIV before getting into a sexual relationship with another partner.
  • Do not have sex under the influence of alcohol or drugs. People often lose control when they are inebriated and engage in unsafe sex.
  • The old-age philosophy of monogamy is still the best preventive measure against sexually transmitted diseases. You have a considerably lesser chance of acquiring an STD if you are only having sex with your wife/husband or committed partner.
  • If you are out on a casual date with your partner, then exercise restraint while getting intimate. You should know when to stop before things go out of control.
  • The art of saying no can prevent a lot of mishaps in life. If your partner is insisting on unprotected sex, then have the courage to say no. Regretting later won’t reverse the situation.
  • If you have engaged in unprotected sex with someone else, be honest with your partner. Get yourself tested before you indulge in sexual activities again.

Same day testing Los Angeles is there to help

Even with the best of intentions, we may end up having symptoms of STDs. Your search for ‘free testing near me’ will end with same day testing Los Angeles that can help you detect anomalies if any.