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Optimal Places to Install Security Cameras in Your Home


Installing and using security cameras in your house is very easy and ideal but they can be a bit heavy on the wallet if you don’t know how to get the most value of it. Keeping your safety in mind there can be many potential places for a security camera to be installed, but here are 4 optimal places to install them in your home for the best result.

  • Front door: According to statistics, 35% of burglars use the front door to access the house. It’s where you can also find unwanted package thieves lurking around. Thus, putting a camera just next to or on your front door helps you to keep a check on what’s going on and to see whoever visits your home when you are not there. 
  • Garage and driveways: Putting a camera in your garage or at the driveway ensures the safety of people present there and also keeps an eye on whatever you have there. Thus attaching the garage with your security system provides an additional layer of protection for you and your family. 
  • The main stairway and common areas: Placing a camera in the main stairway of your house is very crucial as it makes it hard for anyone to pass through it undetected. You can also put up cameras in common areas such as kitchens and living room as it ensures the safety of children and other people present there and also provides you a way to check on things.
  • Side and back doors: Consider adding cameras to your secondary door or other doors apart from the main one as these are used by people frequently and can give someone easy access to your home. Mostly, out-of-sight doors are the targets of petty thieves.

There are also some places like bedrooms and bathrooms, places from where your neighbour’s privacy can be violated so these aren’t ideal places to put up a camera. To keep an eye on children and babies, you can use baby monitors and motion sensors which can be connected with the home security system. Outdoor cameras can capture a broad area which can include your neighbor’s property in the background of the footage but it is illegal to have a camera facing any rooms which violate their privacy. 

Besides the installations, it is also important to regularly check for any malware in the system and keep the cameras updated to ensure their smooth working.