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CBSE Question Banks Class 12 2021 -22 Launched for Extensive Practice Of Competency-Based Questions


In the wake of the COVID 19 pandemic, The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has postponed the final examination of Class 12 students. Prime Minister Modi had chaired a high-level meeting with the board members and came to the decision of postponing the Class 12 exam which was supposed to be held from May 4 to June 14.  There has been a demand for canceling the exam from the leaders of several states. For example, the Chief Minister of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal has appeal to the Prime Minister to postpone the exam as it can lead to a large-scale spread of the coronavirus. Similarly, Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi also said that the board exam of Class 12 should be canceled. Considering the situation Prime Minister has taken the decision to postpone the exam until the pandemic situation becomes normal.

The good thing is that CBSE has released a question bank of all subjects of Class 12 with the help of which they will be well prepared for the exam. They can practice the competency-based question during this off period so that when the pandemic situation will become fine they remain well-prepared for the exam and thereby can come out with flying colors. Based on CBSE Question Bank Class 12 2021-22 some publishers also published books on CBSE Question bank for all subjects with which you will not only be able to get practice but can also know the type of questions asked in the board exam. Let us see how this type of book can be helpful in the preparation for your board exam.

How helpful is the Question Bank for the students of Class 12?

The question bank will be very useful for the students of Class 12. The following are some essential benefits that they can drive from this question bank:

  • While you will go through CBSE Question Bank Class 12 2021 -22 you will get enough idea about the type of questions that were asked in the previous year. From that, you will get enough idea about what question will be asked in your exam. Moreover, these types of question banks are prepared by highly qualified professionals who have several years of experience in the academic field. Thus they can guess the type of questions that will be asked in the board exam. If you go through this type of question bank you will be able to cram the questions which will ultimately help you secure good marks in the exam.
  • Not only the type of the question you will also come to know about the mark distribution. It is very essential to know about the mark so that you can prepare accordingly. For example, if a particular question is asked for 10 marks and you have prepared for 2 marks then you may face a little difficulty during the exam. But when you go through this type of question bank you will get an idea about the marking schedule for a particular question and prepare accordingly. You can also concentrate on the questions and topic that carries more weightage Hence, you will not face any difficulty in the exam.
  • Most importantly, you will also be able to enhance your self-confidence by analyzing your weak and strong points. You can then focus on the weak areas by working more on the section that you are not comfortable with. This will help you to improve your results.

Hence, the question bank will be highly beneficial for the students of Class 12 who are going to appear in the board exam. Solving more and more questions of the question bank will enable you to prepare well for the exam.