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What’s the role of an employment discrimination lawyer? Find here!


Workplace discrimination is more common in Texas than you think. Understanding “discrimination” is not always easy, given that Texas is an at-fault employment state. Your employer can fire you at will, but they cannot still discriminate or treat you less favorably on grounds such as race, religion, sex, nationality, and color. If you believe that you have suffered employment discrimination, it is necessary to seek legal representation. There are steps to be followed before you can sue your employer. Thanks to Google, finding employment discrimination lawyers near me doesn’t have to be hard. Below is an overview of what an attorney can do for you. 

Evaluate your case

Let’s take an example – You are 55 and have been recently fired by your employer. You believe this is a case of discrimination because of your age and want to take action. Do you have a valid discrimination lawsuit? What should you possibly do to protect your rights? What are your legal options? What can you expect if you file a lawsuit? These are some questions that an attorney specializing in employment law can answer for you. Even when you belong to a protected category, it doesn’t mean you can take legal action against your employer because of some action that you think was discriminatory.

Proving intent & fault

Evidence plays the most dominant role in a discrimination lawsuit. Keep in mind that employers are mostly aware of the consequences related to their actions. In other words, it won’t be easy to prove that you have suffered discrimination. Gathering evidence is one of the key roles of an employment lawyer. They have the experience and expertise to investigate discrimination lawsuits and collect evidence that can prove intent. Your lawyer is in charge of all the paperwork related to the case. 

The cost-benefit analysis

Should you file a discrimination lawsuit? If yes, what are the expected gains? The cost-benefit analysis is one of the key aspects of a case, and your lawyer can do that for you. For instance, if the legal case is likely to cost a lot more than what is expected in a settlement, your lawyer may advise you against pursuing the matter. Right from the first time you meet an attorney, they will evaluate and explain your legal options and suggest the pros and cons of your actions. 

Talking to an employment lawyer will always benefit your case, no matter the circumstances. Call an attorney immediately to know your discrimination case.