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Best ways to organise a surprise party


Everyone loves surprise parties. However, planning a surprise party isn’t an easy task. It requires lots of organizational skills and proper management. In this article, you will get to know the best ways to organize a surprise party.

Start Early and Look up the Schedule of the persons in Advance

The best way to organize a surprise party is to start early. You can’t just have a birthday party the day before.

You will need to find out if your person for whom you are organizing a party is free on the date of the party.

If it’s going to be a surprise, it’s best to arrange the party a few months before the actual birthday too. The reason is they can be busy with their friends or family on their birthday.

If you’re throwing a party for a loved one, you can choose to schedule it before or after their real birthday. You can also choose the location of the surprise party, which will depend on the guest’s preferences. You might also need to find an Anniversary Gift Online in advance if it is an anniversary party.

Use Social Media to Connect for organizing a Surprise Party

You can also use social media to plan the party. Create a private Facebook group to let your friends and family know who’s coming. You can send out reminders and ideas to all of them.

You can also keep everyone updated on the day of the surprise party. You can invite your friends and relatives to your party by letting them know about it on social media.

Things like Cake Order Online allows you to keep your surprise party a secret. As the online order will allow all your friends to decide the cake without giving any hint to the main guest.

Make sure to Keep it a Secret

To keep your surprise a secret, you should take the Surprises out for dinner or drinks the day before the party. If your guest is unable to attend, you can try to send them a reminder message the day before the party. If the invitee is unable to confirm the invitation, call them and see if they are still coming.

Set up the location at least 2 hours before the guests arrive. This way, you can fix any problems as they arise. It also helps you to avoid any potential problems that may happen. If possible, ask your friends to help you with the setup and clean up.

Similarly, Make sure that the surprise party is planned at least a month in advance. Then, you should arrange a time for the surprise party. If you’re planning to have a surprise at someone’s house, ask the surprise-ee to do something special, such as babysitting the children. Before the party, call the venue and let them know how many guests you expect to have.

If you have a party during the night, you can have an Anniversary Cake delivered to you during the midnight or even later.

Make Proper Arrangements to Hide Guests

Keeping the surprise secret is easy when the guests are inside the party area. If you can, arrange for the guests to park their cars a few streets away, or in a garage. You may also want to hide the host’s car.

If your surprise is a birthday dinner, consider having the food prepared beforehand. If you’re having a cocktail party, make sure to leave the drinks for the surprise and alcohol for later.


Organizing a surprise party is a difficult task. Therefore, you should keep in mind the above tips.