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What Does Wrongful Termination Mean in Ontario and How to Deal with It?


In the corporate world, the process of hiring and firing is common. While sometimes the employees resign, the other times the employers fire them giving a plausible reason, and all the benefits they are entitled to. 

However, there is a very thin line between firing and wrongful termination, which every employee must understand to safeguard their work rights. If you feel you have been harassed or are subject to wrongful termination, you must immediately consult a skilled Ontario employment law attorney

Today, we will briefly discuss the meaning of wrongful termination, and how you can deal with it, to help you be more vigilant as an employee. 

What is Wrongful Termination?

Wrongful termination is the unlawful termination of an employee by their employer. It is an instance when the employer fires the employee for reasons which do not align with the labor laws and employment regulations. Some precedents of wrongful termination include- 

  • Firing an employee based on their race, color, sex, religion, or any other discriminatory factor. 
  • Terminating an employee in response to their retaliation, such as complaining or reporting harassment, etc. 
  • Firing an employee while violating the employment contract. 
  • Dismissing an employee for reporting illegal activities happening at the workplace. 
  • Termination of an employee for taking medical leaves protected by the Family and Medical Leave Act. 

What Should You Do?

If you feel that your termination was a result not of any valid reasons, but instead, of discrimination, retaliation, or breach of contract, you must take action instantly. Important steps you must take after such an instance include- 

  • Review and examine your employment contract to highlight the by-laws that have been breached
  • Gather evidence that suggests discrimination or harassment at the workplace 
  • Get in touch with a skilled attorney, who can help you understand your rights and the compensation you deserve
  • File a complaint to the concerned authority with the help of your attorney
  • Negotiate with the employer to see whether they are ready to compensate for their wrongful act or not. 

Key Takeaways

Your employer has resorted to wrongful termination for personal reasons, but you must maintain professionalism throughout your fight for justice. Getting the assistance of a legal expert will be beneficial to your case, to ensure your employers get exactly what they deserve to treat the employees poorly. 

Identify the signs of wrongful termination in time to help yourself, or any other person who you feel has been through this trouble.