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Different Audio And Video Rental Equipment To Enhance The Experience


Organizing an event and ensuring it is successful involves several things that must get well handled depending on the kind of event one is having, whether it’s a wedding or a concert. The acquisition of the right audio and video systems, where necessary, becomes mandatory to guarantee the success of the event and avoid any failures that might beat the objective of having the event in the first place. Different sound and audio equipment hiring companies do their best to ensure that every event they participate in succeeds.

Showtech Productions is a Dallas audio rental company that helps its clients to get the best rental equipment for their events. The company consists of highly skilled and experienced professionals with the skills and expertise to organize an event and see it to excellence, ensuring that their objectives get met at all costs. A wide range of equipment is available, and the professionals guide the client to get the one that best serves their needs depending on the event being organized. The different kinds of rental equipment provided include the following:


Microphones are standard AV equipment for presentations, meetings, and other events. There are different kinds of microphones, all of which have varying benefits and functionality. There are omnidirectional microphones that capture sounds from all angles, making them best suited for events located in areas with low noise and perfect acoustics. The following kind of Dallas audio rental microphone is the cardioid microphone. It captures sounds from the front and blocks all surrounding sounds making it best suited for live performances and large spaces. Line-gradient or shotgun microphones work best for theaters, film, and video since they have a cancellation technology to eliminate sounds from the sides. Additionally, there is the figure eight microphone, which captures all sounds from the front or back, and cancels all other noises from the sides, making it the best fit for capturing sounds from two sources and stereo recording sessions.

Mixers and soundboards

In the event that more than one microphone gets used for the event, then mixers and sound bars become necessary since it enables feedback control. Additionally, the Dallas audio rental mixers and sound boards will allow the user to adjust the volume levels of the different good equipment and balance the other sounds.


Computers nowadays have become mandatory for presentations and events and must have the necessary audio and video software mix. Additionally, they must have the play audio, edit, and video materials for the event to work effectively to meet the Dallas audio rental goals.

Video cameras

Cameras come in handy for events that require video production, and there are different kinds of cameras. Sports and action cameras are among the offered Dallas audio rental equipment, and they help to record fast movements since they have a higher focus rate with better stability. The other kind of camera is the DSLR video camera which enables the user to exchange the lenses when needed making them best suited for videography. Additionally, they have multiple features that make them perfect for different video capture styles.