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A Piano Teacher Surviving – This Is Often Truth, Not only a Conspiracy Theory


I’m a harmless victim which has been infested with Morgellons with a few very cruel and psychopathic individuals. Morgellons, it seems, are unknown for that general population. Just like a person citizen in the united states, while undergoing this extreme trauma, I haven’t had chance to accomplish detective make an effort to pinpoint whether there’s classified information. My theory may be the morgellon project could be a key and illegal operation which many have focused on heavily. Really, the perpetrators frequently pointed out “we’re invested heavily in dorthy a1. By dorthy a1, they mean the morgellons additionally for their functioning. The morgellon project is symbolic of the Dorthy AI project. I’m a harmless victim in the project. My theories have evolved exclusively from my encounters just as one innocent victim. I’ve did not have understanding within the morgellon system in almost any other way.

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This project is real. It is not whatsoever scientifically unfeasible. There are many ways to create a kind of frequency communication like the more primitive and traditional radio system. If scientists had, for instance, produced a technique for communication using micro sized particles, based on audio frequencies, then setup loudspeakers that folks hear this, the demonstration may be easily recognized. R / c is extremely primitive in comparison to morgellon audio receivers since the latte rare made up of much smaller sized sized sized particles that’s todays capacity. Really, scientists are really studying nanotechnology for quite a while. A few in the morgellons can also be nano-sized. A hidden, clearly, might be hands-held whilst not implanted within anyone’s body. The morgellons, however, are extremely small they have ability to become implanted in the human body, and so the “radio” system really becomes a kind of interface while using the implanted person’s neural network. In this manner, the individual does not support the radio for ear, but instead, people speaking within the distance can talk to the implanted person’s morgellon (radio) receivers, and they also will transmit, by connecting for that person’s neural systems associated with audio, along with the implanted person then learns people, from afar, similar to when the implanted person was having a radio system. The very fact many morgellons are utilized as receivers enables many multiple individuals to talk, like a Skype business call, within the distance, for that implanted individual. Really, the little size the morgellon enables implantation of countless receivers, and thus around thousands could concurrently be alternatively finish, within the lengthy way, prepared to communicate towards the implanted person’s morgellon receivers.

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The implanted person, if having a radio system, could simply switch off r / c, instead of have transmissions, however, if implanted obtaining a morgellon receiver appear system, the implanted person doesn’t have turn off mechanism, and may not switch off the transmission.

Everyone, including scientists who haven’t discovered this sort of system, might be questioning whether this works the reality is. There is intensive projects to look at a persons neural network, including brain neural function. Scholarly content is really written concerning the opportunity to create a neural lace the morgellon receivers interfacing while using the human neural network to make certain that, by frequencies, the receivers create a connect to a persons neurons within the brain, especially audio brain neurons.