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5 Signs that your Pipes Are Worn Out


Once your home starts to age, so will your plumbing system. Issues such as leakage and corrosion can become inevitable but most homeowners simply ignore them until they turn into a major problem.

That’s when such problems start to give you a headache as you’ll be faced with expensive repairs. While still early, it would do you good to identify what’s wrong with your pipes. That way when an emergency strikes, a 24 hour emergency plumber Sydney professional can quickly identify the problem and give it a real fix.

How do you know that your pipes have run down? Here are four signs to watch out for.

Water Discolouration

Water coming out from any of your taps should not turn yellowish or brownish. The probable reason for the water losing its normal colouration is rust. Leaving this issue untreated would result in hard water that can make washing clothes and even washing dishes and bathing yourself difficult since soap cannot be rinsed off easily.  

Wall Discolouration

It’s not only water that becomes discoloured but also the walls that become stained is a sign that there’s some existence of a leak farther down the pipe. Your bathroom walls and the ceiling directly below a second-floor bathroom should be properly inspected for any hints of stains or deformation. Once moisture is present in a dry wall it will create a bubble and eventually the wall could break.

Dripping Faucet

No matter whether fast or slow dripping, your faucet needs attention if and when the dripping continues ten minutes after the water is turned off.  Rest assured there’s a leak somewhere. In this instance, you should contact the plumber nearest you.


Corroded tubes are sometimes caused by water that has a high acid content or chemicals you use regularly for unclogging your drains. If your pipes are made from copper and are not used for a longer time, corrosion can likely occur and there’s the tendency of water to react with the flux that is used in connecting the pipes. Flux is a compound that forms an acidic paste when applied to the part of the copper pipe when making a bond through soldering. Keep an eye for corrosion in the tube.


Leaks are obvious signs of worn-out pipes especially in older homes. Through wear and tear, pipes deteriorate and when they do, you will be seeing moulds and mildew growing on your walls, ceiling and even on the flooring. The growth is likewise accompanied by a musty odour. Don’t wait for the leak to become worse. Otherwise, the plumber might be having a real hard time fixing it and you’ll have no choice but to pay expensive repair fees. Only he can decide what to do on those worn out pipes.