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3 Favorite Museum Tours in Solo


Solo is a town in Central Java using its nickname for a city of culture. This town has got the official title Surakarta that’s broadly known by tourists. Its popularity as a town of culture is evidenced by many historical relics neatly preserved in the town’s museums.

Solo City is a global gateway for overseas tourists and could be retrieved straight from Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. Aside from having a solid historical background, remember the pure beauty that’s inside this city. When the holidays have arrived, aside from refreshing, it is possible to visit Surakarta to boost your historical understanding simply.

Do not imagine that visiting ancient sites is dull, because seeing Solo historical websites is very interesting, with stopping by the museums. The following is an overview of 3 museum excursions in Solo, which has to be a listing to see while on holiday there.

1. Nusantara Keris Museum

The museum that stores various kinds of keris with numerous shapes and ages are found in the Sriwedari region. The keris set here has over 300 bits, but just 240 are on screen.

This area includes four floors using a construction built with escalators for people. This traditional building has a contemporary layout. Approximately 240 keris and spears are on the screen of the present collections, while the remainder will be exhibited in turns every three months. 

Every keris on screen has its doctrine so that it isn’t a random object. The keris set in this museum stems from several areas, not just Java. You will find different regions like Bali, Riau, Sulawesi, and a few even from overseas, especially the Philippines. Aside from keris, in addition, there are several items with historic elements like gamelan, along with conventional regional clothing.

Besides different areas, many bureaus and incredible amounts gave their keris to be exhibited here. The entrance fee for this particular museum is approximately IDR 7,500 for the public.

2. Danar Hadi Batik Museum

If you pay a stop by to this region, you can observe various batik ranges from each age, in addition to finding out about its foundation. Here, at Danar Hadi Batik Museum, you’re able to take part in creating batik and discover the doctrine of the kinds of batik that exist. The plan of the island is a European colonial design with 11 rooms indoors. Each area is split to exhibit local and global batik collections.

For people who wish to find out about batik, it is possible to go into the workshop area. This chamber is especially provided for the quick procedure for earning batik. The goods can also be sold in shopping facilities there, which means you can purchase them as souvenirs.

3. Dayu Cluster Prehistoric Museum

To increase understanding of the Sangiran archaeological site from Karanganyar, this tradition is among those areas that have to be seen. Everyone is free to visit the museum, from the students to the tourists. Dayu Museum was constructed on a property intentionally designed as an instance of soil coating from time to time. Even though it’s a component of this Sangiran Museum, where it’s simply concentrated on the subject of historical dirt layers.

As from the history course we have, this tradition presents people to several layers of dirt in ancient times. Apart from that, in addition, there are artifacts from our ancestors. The design of the construction follows the scenic and elongated shapes of the property. Once going into the museum, you’ll locate a Homo erectus skull. After going indoors, you’ll locate pavilions dependent on the dirt layer.

If you’re interested in Archeology and Geology, then you’re welcome to visit the museum. The museum’s opening hours will be from 8% to 4 pm.

Whether your trips take you on a long stroll on beaches, delicious cuisines, relaxing spas and resorts or urban attractions, additional research will give you the best experience for your visit. Get to know more about Solo by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.