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3 Batam Local Street Food You Must-Try


source : pexels

If you think about Batam, your head will probably wander around to the cheap massages, spas, and purchasing – however, these aren’t all it has in store for you.

Batam also has quite a powerful food landscape, with its streets lined with locals playing a massive selection of local cuisines at inexpensive rates.  With so many different stalls and many more selling the exact same food products, it is difficult to locate and savour the very best of their best.

1.  Ayam Bakar Chaniago – BBQ

Chicken is a basic part of our meat fans’ diets, and where better to fulfill your meat dietary necessity compared to Bakar Chaniago?  Bakar translates into roasted, and as you can imagine, this stall BBQs poultry – all performed in an open-air grill immediately for your viewing enjoyment.We’d their signature ayam bakar served with rice and sambal (IDR18,000), and what an adventure it was.  Despite being BBQed in massive batches, the chicken retained its tenderness. In addition to this, the breastfeeding part has been boiling e how it turns out: dry and difficult to chew.  If you are a chilli enthusiast, you are in luck – the sambal has been satisfyingly hot and aromatic out of being produced with ingredients such as tomato.

2.  Martabak 818 – neighborhood minute jiang kueh

Pancakes and waffles are aplenty within our neighborhood bakeries at SG, but wait until you find the martabaks readily available on the roads of Batam, especially in Barelang.  Not to be mistaken about murtabak, these are much more like the oh-so-good minute jiang kueh (traditional peanut pancake).  The sole distinction is these bad boys can’t be downed at a few snacks – they’re massively sized and may feed up to 2-3 people each. We saw Martabak 818, famous for its unorthodox flavours.  Aside from traditional flavours such as peanut butter and chocolate, this area also offers choices which have Cream Cheese Oreo (IDR65,000) and Nutella + Ovomaltine + Cheese (IDR90,000). Be warned however: All these decadent joys are very rich and satisfying, so make sure you bring friends – starving ones in that – if you swing this stall!

3.  Miso Ajo Selat Panjang – genuine ‘mamak’ style meals

If dinner or lunch is inside your sights, soda from the Miso Ajo Selat Panjang Stall destroys many different noodle and rice dishes. A celebrity highlight on the menu is that their Indomie Goreng (IDR15,000), which can be essentially char kway teow using all the kway teow (flat noodles) substituted with Indomie – picture ingesting a springier, more flavourful model of char kway teow, as the seasonings from the Indomie mix offer the dish a neater increase.Also, test the classic Miso Selat Panjang (IDR15,000), which can be rice noodles cooked in a broth which advised us of mian xian (rice vermicelli) in herbal chicken soup.  Adding flavour and texture are cultured chicken, sliced chives, and you tiao – creating for a hearty, flavourful bowl to match your senses after a long day of touring Batam. We also gave their Nasi Goreng (IDR15,000) a move.  This reminds us of that which we could see in Indian-Muslim food areas in SG, and it was every bit as tasty as what we are utilized to.

Whether your trips take you to a long stroll on beaches, delicious cuisines, relaxing spas and resorts or urban attractions, extra research will give you the best experience for your visit. Get to know more about Batam by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.