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Warning Signs One Needs Sewer Line Repair or Replacement


When the sewer system is installed correctly, it should serve for many years. However, no matter how good the work is done, the system can have issues at some point. This can be due to depreciation of materials, accidents, corrosion, use of heavy equipment above ground, or impact of tree roots growth. One has to act fast to repair or replace the sewer line to avoid severe damages in the house or the backyard.

But how can one know that their sewer line has problems and needs attention? In this article, readers will learn warning signs one should look for to know that they need sewer line repair or replacement.

Sewer Odor in the House or Compound

The sewer line system should be airtight. It should not allow leaks. However, if a sewer line piping system leaks in the house or backyard, sewerage odor will be evident. When one starts to smell sewage odors in the house and around the home, their sewer line system needs to be inspected and repaired.

In most cases, sewer odor in or around the house is due to cracks or clogs along the sewer system. One should call in sewer line repair experts immediately for inspection and repair. That will ensure the system runs smoothly again, getting rid of the odor.

Slow Drains All Around the House

Slow drains can be frustrating and a sign that a sewer system has a problem. They are mainly caused by a blockage along the sewer line, leading to sewage backup or clog that will stall the system. 

When one notices that the sinks, toilets, and bathtubs are draining slowly, it is advisable to call in an experienced plumber as soon as possible to solve the problem.

The plumber will address the problem before it escalates. If one doesn’t act fast, the problem can worsen, and everything will stall. It will be inconvenient for family members or tenants. In addition, it will be costly to repair and restore the system. 

Inconsistent Water Levels in Toilet Bowls

When one notices that the water level in toilet bows is changing now and then, that is a sign of a blockage, making water drain inconsistently. One can also see sewage backflow after flushing a toilet. Other times they may find the toilet bowl full, other times almost empty. If a person sees this in their property, they should know that their sewer line system has a problem. Contacting a plumber for sewer line repair and replacement can be helpful.

Pooling of Wastewater and Smelly Spots in the Backyard

When the sewer line starts to leak, wastewater inside will flow to the backyard. It will cause pooling of septic waste in the yard. In addition, it will cause the yard to be soggy and smelly. When an individual notices pooling of wastewater in the compound, they should know their sewer line is clogged and leaking. Alternatively, it can be a result of a broken septic tank.

It will be wise to call a plumbing company to check the system immediately. The experts will find the root cause of the problem and fix it in no time.

Gurgling Noise from the Pipes

If one notices gurgling noise when sinks or bathtubs drain, that is not a good sign. It is a sign that the system may have a blockage. Calling a sewer line repair expert for help is advisable. They will fix the problem before it gets too complicated.

Rising Water Bills

When one notices that their water bill is getting higher every month, it is not wrong to suspect that the sewer line is leaking. One has to reduce the laundry loads and monitor shower times. If the water bill keeps going up, this could probably mean that the sewer line is leaking. A plumber will inspect the plumbing system, and if they find any leaks, they will fix them.


A plumbing system is probably one of the most important systems on a property. If the system is functioning correctly, everybody is happy. However, if the system has problems, people will notice sewer odors and soggy and smelly spots in the yard. The system can even stall completely, inconveniencing family members or tenants. When one sees the above warning signs, they should contact experienced plumbers for sewer line repair or replacement.