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Top 8 Reasons Why You Should Be Careful Before and After Installing Ceramic Tiles


There are major changes in the construction world and people all across the world are welcoming those. The graph has moved upward from wooden flooring, rooftops and walls to ceramic construction all over. Ceramique au Sommet tiles bring variety for you to choose from.

However, you should also consider the following things before using ceramic for your floors, walls and rooftops:

  1. Timely Cleaning And Maintenance

Although, ceramic tiles are given the first preference when constructing your floor, you should also keep in mind its regular and timely cleaning and maintenance. Having done these, it will ensure the tiles to run for a longer duration.

  1. Choose The Right Seller

Online shopping of ceramic tiles can also expose you to poor quality tiles that will not help your home planning in any way. It is always advisable to personally visit the place where you are planning to buy ceramic tiles from.

  1. Anti-Slippery Rugs Or Carpets

Even though ceramic tiles are known for its anti-slippery feature, its smooth surface, at times, can make one slip or fall. It is thus advisable to use rug or carpet during the initial phase of installation.

  1. Not So Glass Friendly

Ceramic tiles are tough and sturdy and if you slip an expensive glass crockery or item on it, it will definitely shatter into pieces. Use proper carpeting near your dining area to avoid such accidents.

  1. Be Accurate With Floor Levelling

It is always advisable to hire a professional from platforms such as Ceramique au Sommet tiles to ensure the correct floor levelling. Uneven floors can cause the tiles to break or crack putting more pressure on your pockets.

  1. Look Out For Allergies And Other Health Hazards

The dust during the installation of ceramic tiles can trigger few breathing allergies and conditions such as asthma and chronic bronchitis. It is therefore recommended for people with such disorders to move out during the installation process.

  1. Rough And Sturdy Surface

For some, ceramic flooring can be tooo hard as it has a very hard surface. Standing for long hours on it will bring discomfort and pain. You can overcome this by wearing soft shoes on its surface.

  1. Avoid Strong Detergents

Cermic tiles can be cleaned on the surface with mild detergent. Since its surface is smooth already, harsh detergents will make the soap lather stick to it and will make the floor too slippery.