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The Different Dabbing Tools For Your Needs


Are you new to dabbing? You should gather adequate knowledge about what your dab rig kit should entail. It would be in your best interest to look for the following dabbing tools for a pleasurable experience.

Dab rig to dab, you require a dab rig to burn your concentrates. Consider buying a dab rig for concentrate use specifically. You should also consider buying a water pipe required specifically for concentrate use. Rest assured that you do not want to blend the taste of dabs with flowers. For seldom dabbers, consider looking for an affordable oil dab rig.

Reclaim Catcher

The expensive concentrates would require you to use all of them, and nothing should go to waste. Rest assured that excess wax could also leak into the joints of the water pipes or the dag rig. It would make it hard for you to clean the dab rig kit. Therefore, consider buying a reclaim catcher for trapping excessive wax. It would enable you to reuse the wax rather than wasting the expensive concentrate. This glass attachment would fit comfortably on the dab rig to catch excess wax on a small trap or dish rather than letting it leak into the water pipe.

Carb Cap

An important tool for dabbing, it enables first-time dab users to heat the dab nail to a perfect temperature. The carb cap would help restrict airflow towards the nail for efficient concentrate vaporization at considerably lower temperatures. Rest assured that it would not waste your precious dabs.

Dabber Tool

Since the sticky dabber wax could be a considerable problem to place into the burning nail, consider buying a dabber tool to safely place the dabs. You would be spoilt for a choice of material options ranging from ceramic, titanium, quartz, or glass. However, glass is a popular material for dabber tools, as it might not be damaged on touching the hot nail. Consider buying a dabber tool that could hold as much wax as you intend to smoke without falling off the dabber tool.


Dab Jar Made Of Silicon

The sticky and messy dabs could be easily contained in a silicone dab jar. The silicon material would not let the wax stick to it, making it relatively easy to scoop. It would also avoid wastage of dabs sticking to the traditional jars. You could choose your silicone container based on your needs of designs, shapes, and sizes.

Dab Torch

Consider buying a dab torch to heat the dab nail at the precise temperature to effectively vaporize your concentrates. With numerous torches made available in the market, consider looking for the one specifically designed for dabbing rather than choosing the one meant for kitchen use. The huge flame of the dab torch enables you to heat the nail quickly and evenly.


Consider buying quartz bangers to heat the nail without suffering damage due to the torch being relatively close to the dab rig kit. The unique design would ensure to move the heat away from your dab rig. You could also enjoy vaporizing more concentrates on the large dish in a single dab.

The Titanium Nail

The dab rig comes in various joint genders and sizes, thereby confusing you largely. The titanium nail would fit all sizes and types of joints on the dab rig or water pipe if the bong contains the glass joint.