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How To Take Care Of Your Faucet



Correct maintenance of the taps increases their durability and ensures good performance. It is recommended to periodically clean the chrome of the taps only with a soft cloth, water, and mild soap. It is not recommended to use aggressive and abrasive products, such as an acid-base (example: vinegar), which attacks the surfaces, removing their natural shine. Steel wool scourers or the like should not be used.

To remove lime stains, products containing mineral (e.g., caustic soda) or organic (e.g., vinegar) acids should not be used. There are citric acid products on the market, which are entirely safe to eliminate limescale without causing damage. The taps with gold usually have a gold bath. Therefore, the surface is resistant and must be cleaned with the same products used for chrome plating.

The colored surfaces must be cleaned with a cloth and clean water or with an appropriate product to remove lime stains (example: citric acid-base). Even the most resistant tap surfaces require minimal care. The more careful you are with the taps’ maintenance, the longer you will be able to enjoy their shininess and when there is repair you can check on the internet on how to find the best contractor for any repair.

How To Care For Your Toilet

As we know, the toilet is a place for the spread of disease. Effective cleaning of your toilet does not mean that you have to use an expensive cleaning product, but it does use the correct cleaning product. And what will this product be? The vinegar can perform this function. It is an inexpensive product, capable of disinfecting and removing lime stains, and does not contain abrasive substances that degrade dishes.

To clean the toilet thoroughly, you can, for example, put 2 cups of vinegar inside the toilet before going to bed. In the morning, flush the toilet to complete the cleaning. In addition to disinfecting the toilet, this simple trick removes bacteria, lime stains, germs, viruses, bacteria, and fungi.


Like any cleaning product, contact with eyes and skin should be avoided. There are practical, simple, and inexpensive alternatives to replace many of the cleaning products we use in our daily lives. In case of repair there are always 24/7 on call technicians you can reach.