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Discover The Most Popular Diving Place at Likupang Beach


Likupang has millions of natural charms that will attract you to visit it.

The discovery of the sea turtle or Chelonia mydas in Likupang is also currently such major thing for local folks and WWF because this type of sea turtle is a rare one. 

So, indirectly, this tourist attraction has become the common tour destination in Likupang, Sulawesi, was in a position to take care of its usual preservation.

Want to know more about the underwater beauty and the most popular place for diving in Likupang? Read the information below.

Tour thing

Likupang shore delivers a carpet of white sand, green mountain, and submerged sea park.  The attractiveness of this sea park could be appreciated by diving or snorkeling.  Whatever the situation, you might even visit Bangka by motor boat to find the sea park around the island.  The trip out of Sulawesi to Bangka Island is roughly 20 minutes.


It’s about 48 kilometers from Manado town that’s also contained in Bitung city.


From Manado town, you may use public transportation such as public transportation from Paal 2 terminal.  This public transportation will require you to the Likupang terminal.  If you travel with friends or family, it is much better to use a personal car or rent one, because this beach is relatively quite far from Manado City.

Facility and lodging

Some conveniences offered on this shore are diving equipment rental, food stall, and parking lot. If you want to spend the night in Likupang shore, you will find several recommended resorts near the Likupang coast, for example Aryaduta Makassar Hotel and Murex Dive Bangka Resort.

Things You Need to Know About Likupang Beach

Space is approximately 48 km north of the center of Manado city. The waves are rather silent, since, in the front of the shore, Bangka island also functioned as a barrier to receive massive waves that may come towards Likupang Beach. The panorama from the coastal region can also be wonderful. 

On this beach, you can go snorkeling, fishing, and diving.  From this coast, you may even cross to Bangka Island by motor boat; from shore Likupang into Bangka Island, the traveling time is only about 20 minutes away. Some amenities such as diving equipment rental, food stalls, parking areas, and accommodation can be found within this coastal location.

In the center of Manado city, you may use a private car or public transport to get to the beach place. When using personal vehicles, the avenues you can take will likely be Manado – Dimembe – Likupang.  From Likupang, you simply follow the directions in the sign board toward Likupang Beach.

When using public transport, you may use the assistance of transportslike the bus from Terminal Paal 2. The transport will ask that you go into Terminal Likupang. By Terminal Likupang, the traveling will be continued by employing bicycle taxis or other public transportation.

Vacation is more than just the scenery or accommodation, it’s about making long-lasting memories. Discover more adventures in Likupang by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.