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Trying pizzas in Montréal? Check these options!


Did you know that the famous Hawaiian pizza actually originated in Canada and not in Hawaii? Canada has an incredible pizza culture, and the province of Quebec has some of the best places to eat. You will find no dearth of choices in Montréal, and some of these local chains and restaurants have been around for years. For instance, Double Pizza Montréal is among the best-rated local options, and they deliver online. In this post, we are sharing some of the best pizzas you must try in Montreal. 

  1. Standard Canadian pizza. This is what you will find at most pizzerias in Montreal and other parts of Canada. Although there are variations, Canadian pizza typically consists of toppings like mozzarella cheese, bacon, tomato sauce, mushrooms and pepperoni. By the way, this is also what is known as pizza Québécoise. 
  2. Donair pizza. True to its inspiration, Donair pizza is among the unique pizzas available at pizzerias all over Canada. The special donair sauce, which is made out of condensed milk, is a unique thing about this pizza, which contains toppings such as tomatoes, onions, cheese, and donair meat. A must-try for pizza lovers!
  3. Garlic fingers. This is a pizza that has origins in Atlantic Canada, and unlike the standard pizza slices, this is cut into strips or fingers, and hence the name. Garlic fingers contains the standard toppings you will expect in Canada – garlic butter, cheese, and often some bacon. 
  4. Pictou County Pizza. Some pizzerias in Montreal do serve the Pictou County Pizza, which has its origins in Nova Scotia. The uniqueness of this pizza lies in the sauce, which is brown in color and spicy in taste, unlike the standard tomato sauce used in pizzas. 
  5. Poutine pizza. This one is a specialty of Quebec. The toppings include unique things like French fries along with a light gravy and mozzarella curds. If you don’t mind experimenting with pizzas, this is quite an option., 

Of course, there is also the Hawaiian pizza, which is an all-time favorite. Make sure that you try the local variants, but no matter the other toppings, pineapples are a must. Check out the offers on weekdays from local pizzerias to save more on each order. In Montreal, it is hard to get over pizzas, and do order a few garlic fingers on the side. Get some cold beer, and you are ready for a fun evening with your friends and family.