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Tips to buy paintings to generate positive atmosphere at your workplace


Many organizations prefer to have paintings inside their workplace which feature a theme relevant to their business and also that should generate a positive atmosphere to achieve their goal in business. To buy wall art for the workplace, some professionals struggle to choose the right one. Because buying canvas wall art online  for the workplace is not as simple as buying for the living room, you must be thinking about your co-workers and customers more than yourself.

Employees need to be enthusiastic and creative because it not only helps to increase the potential of employees but also expands their imagination. Business Group for the Arts, held in the fall of 2003 with 800 employees from 32 companies, Inc. According to a joint study by the PCA and the International Association of Professional Art Consultants (IAPAA), the positive impact of the arts on many of the challenges facing companies is:

  • 78% agree Art helps reduce stress
  • 67% agree art helps increase morale
  • 64% agree that art helps increase creativity & productivity.
  • 94% of employees found that artwork enhanced their work environment
  • 82% agreed that artwork is an important element of the workplace
  • 72% of those surveyed desired to have more art in the workplace.
  • 94% of respondents agreed art enhances the work environment
  • 52% agreed to art leads to networking opportunities
  • 73% agreed art helps to build community relationships

Painting never goes unnoticed, which is a great part of your workplace if you make the right choice. 

“A picture is worth a thousand words”. Of course, when placing paintings in the workplace, it can totally alter the atmosphere, so take your own time and choose wisely. The paintings should create a good first impression for those who enter the workplace. Being that the painting is going to occupy your workplace and you must be happy looking at it. If you want to create feelings like creative, energized and positive then go for fresh and bright colors and bold imagery. In contrast, Very clear color, orange, evokes energy and spontaneity.So, prefer orange for a call center where you need your employees to be energetic and upbeat. When paired together, red and yellow evoke hunger. If you are in the restaurant business, incorporate these colors and artwork into your walls.

If you are in an environment where the employee’s well-being is a priority and hoping to create feelings like comfort and have a sense of calm, then use brown in the artwork and go for tones and themes that suit well. Brown says it refers to stability and accessibility and a sense of order. For each painting background wall, even the space and frames you hung play a role here, which will completely change the overall look and feel of the painting. An abstract display or a splash of color art will inspire the entire workplace and also increase employee morale by creating a positive and efficient atmosphere. Hanging paintings of peaceful, natural settings in the workplace will make employees feel more content and calm. If you want to avoid a boring atmosphere, you should change the wall paintings every year that could spread fresh thoughts and boost the employee mindset. 

Wall art paintings  directly and indirectly influence the workplace atmosphere. We highly recommend choosing paintings that reduce stress and create an enhanced and inspiring environment. There are many trusted ecommerce websites like that sell paintings online. You can refer to those websites before buying beautiful paintings for your workplace. Don’t forget to give special place to art paintings.