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Reasons to Invest in the Parikh Flexi Cap Fund (PPFAS)


The global market in equity investments is constantly moving, and investors are looking for ways to diversify their portfolios and be able to capitalize on growth that is present in different sectors and different market capitalization segments. The mutual funds in India come in a wide array of variety. From them, the fund named parag parikh flexi cap fund, also known as PPFAS, has proved to be a popular option amongst investors who want to benefit from professional asset management but also have the flexibility to invest in diverse market capitalizations.

  • Understanding Flexi Cap Funds 

Flexi cap funds which embody in its title that it carries with it the flexibility to assist the fund managers in having the ability to invest in different market capitalization segments such as large-cap, mid-cap, and small-cap companies. This flexibility offers fund managers an edge of not only benefitting from new opportunities on the rise but also of taking an analytical approach to the market when assessing the asset allocation of each company.

  • The Parikh Flexi Cap Fund: A Multitude Track of Investment. 

The Parikh Flexi Cap Fund, which is run by Parag Parikh Financial Advisory Services Limited (PPFAS), is a broad-based fund that invests in the best companies from all the size groups, sectors and countries. This fund specifically set to raise long-term capital through method that will spot companies with solid fundamentals, successful business models, and attractive valuations.

  • Experienced Fund Management 

The assets management team of the Parikh Flexi Cap Fund is an experienced and skillet one, under the leadership of industry veteran Parag Parikh, a seasoned investor. A team of seasoned investors apply a rigorous investigation process to single out companies which operate robust business models, are sustainably competitive, and show a promising growth trajectory

  • Diversification Benefits

Investing to Parikh Flexi Cap Fund investors make a diversification portfolio across the size segments of market capitalizations, sectors, and geographies. Through this diversification approach the risks associated with investing in a single market segment or sector can be reduced while the prospects of achieving the higher returns through the involvement to the wide investment spectrum are enhanced.

  • Accessibility and Convenience 

The investment in the Parikh Flexi Cap Fund structure is a very easy process as many options are available to make the investment as per the needs and preferences of different investors. Starting from lump-sum investments to the ability to invest on systematic investment plans (SIPs), the investor can decide what suits them and their risk appetite.


The ppfas mutual fund is an interesting investment for people who have decided to invest and want to enjoy the benefits of professional fund management. Through a competent team, accurate investment technique, and a compliance with the regulatory rules, this fund allows investors to benefit from the growth in Indian and global equities where selection base on the market capitalization segments occur. This puts people who want to invest in funds in a favorable position, as having a platform such as 5paisa is convenient and hassle free, allowing purchases of fund units of the Parikh Fund and other funds as required, in a user-friendly environment.