Walking on Water with Google Business Photos

Charles Mansfield-Osborne Google Business Photos

It’s not every day we get the chance to walk on water, we may all secretly think that we do but physically proving it is another matter. In this recent Google Business Photos virtual tour for ‘The Triangle Leisure Centre’ operated by Freedom Leisure, Charles Mansfield-Osborne got to do exactly that.


Not only did Charles get to walk on water he also got a chance to get wet too when taking Google Business Photos around a series of water rapids that traverse both inside and outside the centre. What about the water slides? We hear you ask.. Yep he did one of those too.

“I’m constantly looking to do new things with Google Business Photos and to take it where ever I can. Providing Google Business Photos for ‘The Triangle’ provided a  fantastic opportunity to do some crazy things. The water slide was by far the hardest thing to photograph, there wasn’t enough room to get past the camera rig to complete each panorama so I needed to climb in and out of the slide leaving all the equipment in situ. Luckily I had pre planned this part of the shoot and bought along a skateboard to aid in both ascent and descent. Walking on water was the easy bit, I suppose you could say it comes naturally. 😉 ”

[title size=”2″]Walking on water with Google Business Photos[/title]
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[title size=”2″]Traversing the Rapids-Inside & Out[/title]
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[title size=”2″]Having fun on the Waterslide[/title]
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