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New Google Time And Relative Dimension in Space (T.A.R.D.I.S) Adventure

Charles Mansfield-Osborne Google Business Photos, Special Collects

Now, thanks to Google Maps, Google Business Photos and C Inside Media, you can not only explore the inside of Dr Who’s TARDIS, you can also take it for a spin(Just don’t tell the BBC ;))

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When the TARDIS tour was first published on Google Street View,  C Inside Media listened closely to some of the feedback fans gave on social networks and our Google Interactive StreetView Tardis project, G.I.S.T was born.


Simply walk up to the console press the red button to open up a world map then zoom in, find where you want to go, drag and drop the pegman, then head for the exit and explore. There’s also a set of dials that take you to some surprise locations. Click on image above to view Full Screen.